Inspiration is like the sky, sometimes there’s clouds, sometimes it’s clear, but it’s still always the sky. 

There are certainly many ways to write a song or get inspired and I believe everyone has their own approach when writing and creating music and art. As for me, my degree of inspiration at any given moment is closely connected to my health and mindset. When I am doing well and feel balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually I can easily channel whatever I need to bring through into the song or lyrics I’m working on. Of course there are times when I think I’m out of balance or get caught in my mind and it separates or distracts me enough to make inspiration difficult, but most of the time I find inspiration all around me, from my guitar students, in nature, in other people, and in books and inside myself within my being and soul. Everything is connected and when we learn to tap into that universal grid which ties everything together, we can be inspired and driven to create the most incredible works anytime at all. 

May the bright bright lights of pure inspiration never cease to shine, and permeate the mold.

Kevin T Brennan

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